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FULLY ADJUSTABLE. To accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy, the fit of our maternity belly band can adjust with ease.

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Safety Precautions

Please do not over-tighten when using the product, or it may affect breathing.

Please keep sharp objects away from the product because it may damage the product, or shorten its life span.

Please consult a doctor before using this product because everyone’s physical conditions are different.

 Washing Instructions

Please hand wash only and the water temperature is no more than 40°C/104°F.

Please wash it separately.

Please do not bleach.

Please wash it with neutral detergent such as soap and laundry detergent.

Please do not tumble dry.

How to Use

Place the inner belt below your abdomen, then adjust to your comfort zone and stick on the Velcro.

Place the other belt in the middle of your back side, then adjust to your comfort zone and stick on the inner belt.

Place the extended fixed belt around the upper part of your abdominal wall, then stick both ends on the outer belt.

Adjust the outer belt until your waist, back and abdomen feel comfortable.


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