GREAT WINE ALTERNATIVE CHARMS – These pens are a fun, creative and versatile alternative to the charms of regular old wines that are easily lost. Use these markers for wine tastings, birthday and Christmas parties, office parties or any social event!

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InnoBeta Magink wineglass markers are the most creative way for party guests to personalize their own wine glasses or bottles at social events such as dinners, banquets, parties, weddings. – They make a fantastic gift for any party host.

DELETE IN A CLIN of EYE – our nontoxic and food-safe ink is soluble in water and washes in a flash! Just rinse with hot soapy water to quickly and easily remove the ink from your glasses. Or just put them in the dishwasher.

MORE THAN GLASS: Non-toxic, certified and dishwasher safe, these wine glass markers can be used safely on tableware, enamelled ceramics, crystal, mirrors, bourguignons, canned jars, bottles of beer and wine and more!

8 PACKETS METALLIC MARKERS: More colors for you and choose your favorite color! Each pack contains 8 colors: gold, silver, black, green, blue, pink, red and purple.


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