Body weight is not the only reference of your body condition, body composition analysis would show more accurate and detailed information of your body.

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It’s time to get a healthier lifestyle!
Not only fitness enthusiasts and gym lovers need pay close attention to their body change.
Besides your body composition data,
Fitfy also gives you detailed information about your health status regarding different index for your reference.
Get your personal fitness tracker device to witness your body changes of getting fitter and healthier!
To embrace life with confident and energetic!

Why choose InnoBeta “Fitfy”?  
1. Advanced BIA & Dual Frequency technology, to generate the most accurate result.
2. All calculation and analysis are conducted by the scale itself, the real smart for the scale.
3. Detailed health status regarding different index for reference, not only the composition data.
4. No users limited in one smartphone and account, ideal for the whole family used.
5. Still available when the smartphone is not around! The last 20 measurement data will be recorded in the scale. And results will be automatically synced when next time connected.




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