Double Single Milk Pump for Mums Massage Breasts Pumping set with Large LCD Screen Adjustable Suction & Pumping Levels for Mum’s Comfort

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Easy, Effortless Breast Pumping Is Becoming A Breeze!

Are you looking forward to make your daily breast pumping easier, faster and more comfortable than ever?

Have you had enough with inconvenient manual breast pumps or cheaply-made electric breast feeding pumps that make pumping time-consuming and painful?

InnoBeta Baby has released the ultimate double electric breast pump that will allow modern nursing mums to keep up with their busy lifestyle and the convenience of either single electric pump or double electric pump

IMPROVES MILK FLOW: Advanced rhythmic design mimics a baby’s natural suckling so you can safely release more milk consistently in less time. Cushioned silicone breast shield maximizes comfort and prevents milk leakage.

DISCREET & QUIET: Featuring a whisper quiet motor with rechargeable lithium battery, this lightweight breast pump kit is travel-friendly. With large LCD screen, it is also suitable for night use or in dime light environment.

DOUBLE OR SINGLE PUMP: Two types of pumping tubing are provided. If you wish to use as a single breast pump, simply replacing the tubing to a single pumping tubing. It can also be used with breast pump bras to free your hands.

CONVENIENT & HYGIENIC: All of InnoBeta Baby milk bottles and parts that come in contact with breast milk are BPA free. The InnoBeta Baby breast pump is designed with hygienic closed system, which guarantees no breast milk back flow into tubing or motor and helps to prevent mold and bacteria buildup.

EASY ASSEMBLE & CLEAN: The InnoBeta Baby Double Electric Breast Pump offers the convenience of a quick, easy assemble and clean system. Mums can assemble and disassemble in 5-10 seconds. They are all dishwasher safe.


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