InnoBeta Dondidondy Cute Rechargeable Portable Tap-Control LED Color Changing Mood Silicone Night Light (Dimmable with Warm White Light + 256RGB Light) 2017 New Version With An Lovely Removable Hat, for Baby Kids Children Adults as Decoration, Table Lamp, Gifts, Presents

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With all the advice that customers have let us know, MORE SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS have been made to our dondidondy.
1. Colors changing Mode. Dondidondy can gradually change color from Red to Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, and White. You can stop in anyone color you like by tapping the cover or bottom. 
2. Lower Sensitivity. The color won’t change with slight touch.
3. Warmer Image. A lovely removable hat makes dondidondy warmer and closer to children.Children can also dress it in other way.
4. Well-designed package. To meet the need of the one who want to buy it as a present.



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