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Keep your baby happy and secure, and keep your hands free.

This is the best choice for stylish parents and their babies!

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Baby Safety

All buckles are made by high quality material that will resume the original shape under 80°C.

Buckle between the shoulder straps prevent falls.

Held in M position, the baby’s spine is supported adequately and their legs aren’t dangling. This way can avoid Hip Dysplasia.

Soft cloth covers the edge of zipper to avoid scratching baby’s legs.

Baby Comfort

The 30°ergonomic seat angle design will maximally comfort babies. It also help babies be closer to the parents, which will make babies feel warm and comfortable.

The soft and breathable fabrics makes baby feel more comfortable.

All season’s comfort: detachable front window and 3D Ventilation, windproof cap

The detachable and breathable design lets baby feel cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

Adult Comfort

Free parents’ hands while walking, shopping etc.

20mm extra thick straps make parents feel comfortable and less tired of carrying babies everywhere.

The force points of this baby carrier straps distributed in the abdomen, waist and shoulders. This will diffuse the force so as to prevent damage to the spine.


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