A soft, plush baby blanket is one of my favorite gifts to bring to a baby shower. It lasts through

toddler-hood and beyond and it can be used for many purposes. During the first few months of their life, your baby is going to be spending a lot of time sleeping. That’s why choosing the right baby blanket is so important – both for their comfort and security. Every family has different needs, but there are some common factors to keep in mind as you think about which blanket to buy.

1. The Fabric should always be the first concern

Baby Blankets are available in a wide variety of fabrics, so picking the best material for baby blankets depends on what benefits you are looking for. As we know, baby’s skin is so sensitive and fragile. A baby blanket should be made of materials that are gentle on sensitive skin and breathable to make sleep comfortable.

To help you decide on the best baby blanket for your little one, here are some common blanket materials and their benefits.


A blanket made of 100 % cotton fabric has a number of desirable attributes. Cotton blankets are soft and hypoallergenic, which makes them perfect for babies. Cotton blankets are also great for summer because of their breathability. But most cotton blankets are not warm enough in winter time.


When the weather cools down and your baby needs some extra insulation at night, a wool blanket will provide plenty of warmth. However, a wool blanket may not be a good choice in summer time because it is always heavier.


If you want an affordable blanket made from long-lasting material, polyester is the perfect option. Polyester will stand up to washing and drying for years without losing its color or shape, and it generally costs less than natural fabrics. But if you concern softness and warmth very much, polyester should not be in your wish list.


Some babies are sensitive or allergic to wool but need a blanket with comparable softness and warmth, which makes fleece a suitable alternative. Fleece is made from synthetic materials but has many of the same qualities as wool. It helps wick moisture away from the body and provides warmth on a cold night, but it is more lightweight than wool. Fleece blankets can be washed and dried at home for convenient cleaning.

2. Safety is a Must

Safety is absolutely essential when thinking about baby blankets. Avoid blankets that have loose tassels, fringes, or ribbons; babies can get tangled in them. This becomes slightly less of an issue as baby gets older. And also avoid buying blankets that have a hood and even if you do don’t make your baby wear the hood during sleep. In case your baby pulls the hood down this can also lead to suffocation by restricting breathing.

3. Keep Size in Mind

Baby blanket size is important – you want one that is big enough to keep baby warm, but not so big that the size overwhelms them. Standard blanket size is 40’’ by 45’’ to 60’’. A blanket this size has lots of versatility: it can be used as bedding, a floor mat, or even hung on the wall to decorate baby’s nursery. If you want to wrap your baby probably a bigger size blanket will be necessary else you can invest in a medium sized blanket which covers your baby well and keeps her warm during nights.

4. Think Outside The Blanket

The best baby blankets are sometimes more than blankets!

A sleeping bag can be an excellent option both for very young babies (0-5 months) and infants who are a little older (5-12 months). A sleeping bag eliminates worries about loose blankets in the crib, which could choke a sleeping infant. It also ensures baby doesn’t throw off the blanket in the middle of the night – which often wakes them up crying.

A milestone baby blanket is another brilliant choice for your little one. Milestone blankets are always printed with numbers “1-12” and words “Weeks” & “Months”. Babies grow and change so quickly in their first year. This is the easiest way to keep a record of baby monthly growth and advancement. Simply put some adorable markers on the numbers and words and take a photo for your baby with the blanket, it is simple to create professional looking memories that last a lifetime.

In last year, we just launched the INNObeta Milestone Baby Blankets and received numerous positive feedback. They are made of 100% lightweight, breathable and soft flannel fleece. They are free of tassels or fringe and needled with triangle side whipstitch, which makes the quality super durable. The size is 39” * 47” and it is machine washable. Every model is 100% designed by ourselves. We designed different lovely patterns with dinosaur, unicorn, elephant, fox, rabbit, panda and penguin. The colors are also variable with white, pink, black, blue and so on. We also designed 4 lovely bonus felt fabric markers. You can always choose the right one for the little one or for a baby shower gift. The babies will look adorable in the photo with our blankets.



Many studies have been done showing just how crucial baby blankets are to early development. No matter which baby blanket you choose, it will grow with your baby and will, no doubt, leave sweet memories for your little one.


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