Foot warmers and heating pads are an excellent investment for the winters. Especially if you have trouble with pain and stiffness. Let’s find out a little more about these two and which one you should get for yourself.

Foot warmer:
INNObeta Electric Foot Warmer is one of the best on the market. It is a larger multi-functional heating pad that is great for your feet but can also be used for your hands as well as for your back.

This foot warmer offers you an easy button design. That is to say, you can snap on buttons to keep cold air from coming in. The fast heating technology takes you to experience heat relaxation just in a few minutes.

This foot warmer offers three levels of heat. It has 2 hours of auto-off technology, which prevents burns from overheating and helps save energy!

For added convenience, the pad is extra larger which can accommodate two pairs of feet. You can share this lovely product with your loved one! Its 10ft Extra long cord allows you to set it up anywhere and enjoy it!

Heating pad for back pain

If you struggle with back pain or cramps, then INNObeta Electric Heating Pad will definitely be your best choice!

Made with super-soft coral fleece, the product offers you a strap design making it super easy to wear around your waist and neck. It hugs your body, all while you can control the temperature with its super-fast heating technology.

The product comes with an LCD controller that allows you to set the heat up on six different levels. Also, it equipped with an extra long cord. The product has 4 buttons available on the neck for adjustment as well as overheating protection.

You can wash your heating pad in the washing machine, and it is easy to maintain!

Meta description: Foot warmer and heating pads are great for easing cramps, stiffness, and pain. A great investment this season.


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