1. Luggage Strap

If you travel often, the last thing you want to see must be your bag coming open. Hard-sided luggage usually has locks or clasps that can occasionally be damaged if they are thrown around. Soft-sided luggage that is packed tightly can occasionally burst at the seams. A luggage strap is a good safety measure to keep luggage from accidentally popping open at some point during transit. Besides, bags really do look alike, especially if you’re tired or in a hurry. A luggage strap is a great way to differentiate your luggage from all of the others.

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One of the best things about INNObeta Luggage Strap is that it offers a wide variety of eye-catching designs. It makes it super easy to distinguish your luggage from those using the ordinary plain colour luggage straps. Besides, the straps are flexible and adjustable — they fit the vast majority of suitcase and luggage sizes (18″-30″). Another thing is that you can choose either luggage straps without locks or luggage straps with TSA approved locks. A TSA lock can protect the contents of your bag from strangers but still allow TSA agents to examine them. The problem is that if you choose a strap with a TSA lock, do not forget your combination! TSA locks cannot be reset without knowing the current combination. Otherwise, any person would be able to reset the lock.

2. Luggage Scale

With strict airline luggage rules, a luggage scale has become a travel essential. It allows you to accurately weigh your luggage at home or your hotel room before a flight. There’s nothing worse than placing your luggage on the scale at the airline counter only to find it overweight. Then you will be faced with the dilemma — pay expensive baggage fees or re-pack at the check-in. A reliable luggage scale can help you save loads of time and money!

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This digital luggage scale is made of high-quality ABS construction and sturdy webbing. It is one of the most accurate luggage scales with an accuracy of 0.02lb/10g and a maximum capacity of 110lb/50kg. It is compact, lightweight and easy to use. Besides, it has a bright LED display that makes it easier to read the digits. Also, the tare function allows you to weigh different items consecutively without removing the items or container from the scale. Note: With this handy to carry tool the battery and 3-year warranty are included.

The only drawback of luggage scales is that you need to be able to lift the luggage. However, if the luggage is too heavy for you to lift, you can weigh the empty suitcase and the rest of the stuff individually in small bags.

3.Toiletry Bag

No matter how light you want to pack, there are some personal items that you don’t want to leave out. Think about your shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, shaving kit, deodorant, sunscreen and so on. A toiletry bag can help you efficiently sort all of the basics and allows for easy access to them. Another important reason to use a toiletry bag is that you don’t have to worry about liquids spilling in your luggage anymore!

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The INNObeta KlyN Toiletry Bag is an excellent choice to handle all your frequent flyer trips. It is lightweight, multi-compartment, and large enough to fit everything you need. You can hang it in a closet, shower rod, or towel rack and keep your toiletries and cosmetics efficiently organized. Its inner layer is made from water-resistant PEVA in case any shampoos or lotions leak during travel. It’s equipped with high-quality zippers to withstand the test of time. Better yet, it has a clear, zippered, TSA-approved bag to store your liquids, which helps you simplify security. Note: The company offers a lifetime warranty to stand by its durability.

4. Travel Pillow

If you travel a lot, you know that it is quite difficult to enjoy a nice sleep on a bus, train or a plane. Worse still, sleeping in uncomfortable positions can cause the risk of pain and stiffness. The main reason to use a travel pillow is that they can help you get a good rest and stay healthier during your travels. Another good thing about travel pillows is that they are easy to pack — you can place your travel pillow around your neck, or carry it by hand.

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The INNObeta Travel Pillow is made from memory foam, which adapts to any movements you make and gives comfort to your neck and head. Unlike other travel pillows on the market, this one has 4 snap buttons on each side, allowing you to adjust the tightness. It sandwiches your head nicely and protects your neck from stiffness and fatigue. Moreover, the thoughtful design provides excellent support to prevent your head from falling forward. The only problem is that it is so comfortable that it makes you fall asleep quickly even you would rather watch a movie.

5. Cable Organizer

Although I enjoy having everything in the right place during my trip, there is always one thing that I can’t organize efficiently: electronics and their cables. No matter how neatly I wound up my cables, by the time I retrieve them from my bag they’ll be more tangled than a plate of spaghetti. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem since I got a cable organizer, a large one, which helps me keep all my electronics and their cables in place.

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UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07LBT9GRM

The INNObeta Cable Organizer is made from sturdy, durable and water-resistant nylon, keeping all your electronics and their cables safe and secure. It can hold tons of kits in its double-layered design, keeping everything in order from earbuds to iPad mini. The size and weight allow you to put it into any other briefcase, luggage or handbag easily. Besides, each purchase comes with 5 adorable and high-quality clam clips that can help you organize your cables when you don’t want to deal with the bulk of an entire tech case.

6. Passport Holder

I remember the first time I saw someone using a passport holder, I wondered why and what for. Then I got one as a gift and decided to give it a try. I finally found the reasons why a passport holder is necessary. First, it will protect your passport and extend its life. Nobody wants a soaking wet passport —— if you are caught in a monsoon in Thailand, your passport can get completely ruined in a matter of minutes. A passport holder can also keep dust and other dirt away from your passport. Second, a passport holder is easily recognizable. If you have tons of stuff in your bag, you can always find your passport by identifying the holder.

Buy Now: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07FSGX8DR

The Limerence Passport holder is a stylish case made from durable and sturdy polyurethane. It can not only store your passport but also your cards and jewellery. It’s a must-have to protect your most valuable items when travelling. It’s really charming as an overall passport holder — which would make a great gift or if you’re looking for something a little bit special. The problem is that it looks a little too good, so don’t leave it around unattended even for a second because I’m convinced that it will go walkabout.


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