Do you feel overwhelmed by numerous tasks every day? Do you wish that you could have more than 24 hours a day? Do you always try to manage your time better but still end up with an endless To-Do List?

In fact, just having 24 hours a day is never the reason why you cannot get your work done.

Constantly getting distracted by other things has a huge impact on our creativity and productivity.

Small Things, Big Distractions

Humanity productivity evolved rapidly since the information age has come.

We can run our business, reach to anyone in just a few milliseconds, know what is happening on the other side of earth immediately by a small device. This almighty device almost condenses the whole planet on our hands.

Yet, great productivity power also comes in great distractions.

Have you ever checked how much screen time you spend each day? Check it out on your mobile phone or other electric devices. You will be surprised by how much time you have wasted on these. A large portion of your time is spent on Apps that you don’t even realize, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and so on.

You will not be surprised if you recall this: Every time when you decide to get some work done,

your phone lightened up, and you unlocked the phone to see who has sent you a message. After replying that message, you saw pop-up news and clicked it unconsciously…Before you realized it two hours have passed and you got nothing finished.

Do we really have to spend such a huge amount of time on these tempting distraction; keep procrastinating and feeling exhausted every day?

Stay on Time and Stay on Task

You can take control of everything, including your own time and your action.

So how to actually concentrate on work for more than a few moments?

Set a timer. And leave your mobile phone away as far as possible.

When you place a limit on your work time, you will surprise yourself just how much you can accomplish.

Here are five tips that how to use a timer properly and improve your productivity:

-Sequence your tasks: Before setting a timer, look through your tasks. It is necessary to assign tasks according to their importance and urgency. Create your own To-do list for each day with two or three top priority tasks and about five low priority tasks. Start with high priority tasks in the morning and continue with the rest. You may move unfinished tasks to the next day. But remember to set a reasonable limit for one day.

-Estimate time limits accurately: If you’re starting a task that you’ve done before, you can draw on your own experience to develop an estimate of the time needed. If possible, use both your own past experiences and the experiences of others to arrive at the most accurate estimate of time needed for tasks. You may also add in a buffer of time to avoid the unexpected situation.

Having a countdown clock is not about rushing through the job, but to attract your attention on time passing and get things done quickly. Remember to track how much time you spend on each task and save it for future reference.

-Block distractions: Use your timer and resist the temptation to use your smartphone for entertainment and other distractions. Whether it is a ringing phone, text message, or a person asking for a favor, it can wait after your timer. You can say: “I am in the middle of a task. Could you please come back after 10 minutes?”

-Stay focus: Only one single task at a time. Stay focus until time runs out. You will be surprised by the outcome. The more you exercise how to be concentrated, the better you can stay focus. Gradually you will find it easier to get down to tasks.

-Review your achievement: Start with small tasks when you use a timer for the first time. Review what you have done after a few hours and you will feel a sense of accomplishment. When you start to handle tough tasks, try to divide the tasks into a few small tasks. In this way, you can see every progress you have made and continue to move on.

Start Now, or Never

Do you still want to end up slogging through your e-mail inbox and surfing on the websites endlessly?

Setting a timer can help you allocate your own time better and free from endless tasks.

It you think you can’t get yourself started on a task, you can do it for just 5 minutes. Or 10. Start with a small step, and before you realize it you will get absorbed in your own world.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

A practical time-management tool can perfectly meet your demands right now.

INNObeta Timer——An accurate and user- friendly timer.

  • Count up and down: It can be both timer and stopwatch. The timer can support 99″59′ counting down and 99″59′ counting up. Perfect for reading, working, timed games, classroom activity, sports game, cooking and many other time controls related activities.
  • Easy to operate: Large LCD display makes the timer be easily read from a long distance. “M” button for minutes settings; “S” button for seconds setting and “ST/SP” button for start/stop controlling. The timer could be operated with just one hand.
  • Multi-ways for placing: Stick it on any metal surface with its strong magnet; Stand on the table with the foldable stand; Hang up with a strap via the hook.
Hope you manage your time better and improve your productivity.  : )

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