Multiple functions design:

3 functional modes can be chosen according to your need, Clock Mode, Timer Mode (count up/count down) & Alarm Clock mode. Perfect for cooking, baking, roasting, barbecue, timed games, classroom activity, sports game, yoga and study.

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Multiple Functions

1st press -Clock mode

2nd press -Timer mode (count up/count down)

3rd press -Alarm clock mode

There are TWO more functions than the old version! It’s convenient and practical to choose a more suitable mode based on your need!

Adjustable Alarm sound

You will easily hear the alarm from another room with the high volume of alarm setting.

Or you can choose the lower volume alarm sound when you are just near the kitchen or room to avoid the loud annoying your family.

The alarm buzzle will last for 60 seconds until you press the “START/STOP” button to stop the buzzing.



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